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The Good Luck Chuck of Heart Transplants?

For those who have not seen Good Luck Chuck the movie goes a little bit like this: Boy is hexed at a young age because he refuses to kiss some young goth girl. Boy then becomes man and performs coitus with many, many women. None of these women want him because once they meet him they fall in love and marry the next fella that comes along. Man finally meets girl of his dreams at the end in the form of Jessica Alba. So how can one be the good luck chuck of heart transplants? It is simple. Everyone that meets or speaks to me gets a heart relatively soon after, especially if were speaking in terms of transplant waiting time. Frank and Jack had waited quite a long time and then I moved in. We got close and then both of them bounced. Jose moved in after me and what do you know he gets the call too. Mr. Gentleman in bed 1 did not seem interested in meeting me as he obviously had other concerns. Well lucky for him I went and would say hello every morning and as fate would have it he gets his heart right before he was due to try other options. Then there was Linda. She waits forever on the NY list while living at home. Moves into the penthouse, meets me, and would ya believe it all of a sudden NY has a heart for her. Then there is my Boston friend Samantha. She waits for well over a hundred days, before I decide to reach out and form a friendship with her over our common experience. A couple weeks into the friendship and then poof her heart appears as well. And then finally Paul. Paul up and left this morning after receiving his new blood pumper. After his recent close call it was obvious the good luck chuck phenomenon was soon to deliver a heart to him as well. So yesterday I said just call me Brett Favre. Maybe we should insert a middle name. Chuck sounds like a perfect fit right about now. Naturally all I can think now is where is my cardiac version of Jessica Alba? Also what comes to mind is where is the damn goth girl that I snubbed on our make out session when we were youngins? If you are out there please feel free to overturn this hex at any point. A new gentleman has moved in which I may have mentioned briefly. His name is John and is a very nice man with a very nice family. Lucky him he got to meet me; because a heart will now surely be in his near future. So now I will continue to wait for my cardiac Jessica Alba and can only hope it will be better at its job than she is at hers. And let’s be honest Dane Cook had a much better scenario while he waited for his hex to break than I do. The closest I get to coitus is hearing Sheldon talk about coitus on The Big Bang Theory. I think I just like saying coitus. So again I say until next time with hopes that next time will involve me writing about some goth girl finally lifting my hex. 

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