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Oh the little things…

To say my life has been a whirlwind since having a transplant would be an understatement. I was escorted throughout my hometown by police cruisers and a fire engine and arrived home to find my entire neighborhood decorated and waiting for me at my house along with tons of friends and family. If that wasn’t enough the next morning I wake up to my face on the front page of at least 4 separate newspapers. Front page of four separate newspapers? To say I was shocked again is just an understatement. When I see it all I think to myself why me? Who am I? What is with my popularity? And let’s not forget to top it off with me being a news story on almost every news station while we’re at it. So let’s get back to something that has been said time and time again. Do I think I deserve this? No. But again it falls back to my support system. I just don’t think it could be better. If there was a competition of a transplant patient that was given the most support ever through their trying journey I would win every single time. There is no way I could lose with the likes of Have a Heart for Colby and Team Colby. Saying I am truly blessed can be added to the understatements of this blog post. So another special thank you to the support system and another thank you to the news crews that follow my story because although I don’t find myself more special than any other transplant patient I find it special that my story has brought organ donation to the forefront in CT news and soon to be national news this weekend when, that’s right folks, Tales from the 10th Floor hits CNN.

Now more importantly is the fact that I am home. No IV pole, no toilet in a cabinet, no nurses wanting to stare at my ass, and showers on a daily basis. Being at home is the first honeymoon I will take in my life. Being here has felt so perfect it is indescribable. Many transplant patients talk of it being weird if not eerie. Not this guy. It felt superb, calming, and oh so needed. My house had been redone due to insane ice damage it took the winter before I went into the penthouse so to come home to that just added to the surprises I got to partake in. What is important about me being home is the little things in life that I will say most of you probably take for granted. Whether it is a home cooked meal, the showers in the morning, the being able to go in your room and shut out the rest of the world for a little while, or of course the HD TV that I missed so dearly. The biggest and best part about being home though….a walk to CVS with my mother. Yes that is all. Just a measly little walk to CVS with mi madre to get a blood pressure cuff. To you nothing. To me…everything. There is a hill on the way to CVS, a hill that I used to have to stop multiple times on to get to the top. Did I stop this time? You bet but only at the top! To explain the difference between then and now is kind of hard to do unless you lived it, but I will do my best to show you the difference in the eyes of a heart transplant recipient. Old Colby during that walk would have lost his vision, his hearing, and felt like his whole body was shutting down starting with his heart. The scariest feeling anyone could ever imagine. New Colby takes that same walk and gets to the top with an insane heart beat and it hits me what all you have been feeling your whole life. Your heart is pounding but it is not about to give out like I always felt; it feels like it is bringing the rest of my body back to life, my aching muscles and lungs springing back to bring me further along that walk that normally would have ended right then and there. The feeling of joy is one most of you will never understand but it something that you may have never known you were blessed with and now something I share with you. This blog was written over multiple days and a second walk just took place. A walk that normally would have needed multiple breaks and long breaks at that. Well todays walk there was not one break. Not to mention I was wearing the first ever pair of sneakers ever bought in my life specifically for working out and just that purchase made my heart leap for joy. To say little things make me happy now is, sorry to beat a dead horse, but again a complete understatement. From the drive to buy the sneakers, then to getting the sneakers, then to taking the walk you would have guessed I was a 10 year old at Disney world. I hope my events such as this give you all the realization about how amazing such little things can be in life and again how it was the gift of an organ that got me here. Being home feels so perfect and every day is a blessing. Now to lay around and watch HD tv for the night…things never felt so good. 

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