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This is why I blog.

If you go back to the first blog post I ever wrote you will notice I mention that I began blogging to entertain myself while waiting for my heart transplant. Now more than 6 months later with this new heart beating strong in my chest my blog has taken on a totally different meaning. My blog aims to increase the word on the importance of organ donation and now moves to inspire others with how precious life is and how wonderful it can be; especially if you’re like me and see the beauty in the little things. Today I received a Facebook message and a card sent to my foundation that really made me see the importance of this blog, and the impact it can have, more so than I ever dreamed possible. The Facebook message read “I know you’re super humble and super thankful for all the media attention. But what is amazing is I was at speech with my son and a group of parents are in the waiting room when your story came on the news. One of the women said that her daughter had become an organ donor because of your story and literally four moms said the same thing. Their other response was if not for your story what kid in their twenties or teens would even think about organ donation. Plus they added had their children not done that and told them about it and your story, if anything heaven forbid ever happened to their child they didn’t think they would ever have chosen that for their child. Your story has brought so many different people together and under many different circumstances than you can ever know! It’s amazing! Then these two older women turn to me I guess because I was quiet and started asking me if I was a donor lol. These are the conversations people have about your story!!” To wake up and read this instantly brought a smile to my face. This has been my goal all along. This story made me finally realize the good I was doing for organ donation and that people really were out there listening and signing up. The beauty behind it was also that it was teens. It is the young people that must sign up and make the list of potential donors grow and let those see how beautiful organ donation can be. Every name on the organ donation list is a name that I hope never has any harm come to them, but if heaven forbid a tragic accident occurred it is the idea of saving many lives in your passing that makes this such a special thing. This is what allows me to live today outside hospital walls and begin getting back to a normal life, kind of like yesterday where I was allowed to drive around town only 3 weeks after transplant. The other story I would like to share is the card I received today. This card came more as a shock than even the Facebook message and showed me an impact I am having that I would have never dreamed. The card read “Hi Colby, I hope you are doing well! I wanted to tell you that you have been the good news story that I have been waiting to hear. To see your smiling face in the newspaper really warmed my heart! I taped it to my refrigerator to be my inspiration. I struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts daily. When I see the fight for life you went through, I know that I can fight for one more day. Maybe one day I will catch a break that I need and be smiling too. Until then, I’ll keep you on my fridge with your thumbs up cheering me on and know that I’m cheering you on with all my heart!” To get even just one letter such as this makes this whole blog worth it in my eyes. I can only hope an impact like this has been spread to even more of my readers. An impact that a year ago I would have loved to have had on someone’s life, but would have never imagined possible. To receive a letter such as this gives me such fulfillment I cannot put it into words. To couple it alongside the other message I received to know my story has spread the word on the importance of organ donation as well made today the day where I saw this blog truly for what it is. But you better believe the humor will be returning in other blog posts to come. Lastly, I want to leave you with a poem. I recently have been reorganizing my room since my return from the hospital and came across a little card from the funeral I attended for my friend Greg. I mentioned Greg briefly in another blog post and how he passed far before he should have, but in his passing saved 8 people through organ donation. Greg’s death has an impact on me now far stronger than I ever even thought it would. Greg passed away in May 2010 and never did I think 4 months later I would find out I would need a lifesaving heart transplant. I talk a lot from my side as the organ recipient but the poem on the back of Greg’s card shows the beauty of being a donor as well. It reads “ My Final Gift: It is now time for me to move on/Into the dark, but also the dawn. I will remain as the morning comes/As I’ve left behind a gift for someone. So another may walk, may talk, may see/Where their life was locked, I offered the key. I am a donor to someone in need/My final gift, my final deed.”

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